Video Division

No ques­ti­on: We are living in pic­tu­re cra­zy times. In the past the Dierks Video Recor­ding mobi­les were all over the place and roa­med around Euro­pe in order to record con­certs of Chi­ca­go, San­ta­na, Are­tha Frank­lin, the Rol­ling Stones (”Urban Jungle Tour“) and even Micha­el Jack­son (”HISto­ry“). Due to the fact that the world wants pic­tures in the hig­hest reso­lu­ti­on we have focu­sed on 4K-film­ing and post-pro­duc­tion. The Video Divi­si­on is desi­gned for film- and video-res­to­ra­ti­on, color cor­rec­tion, gra­ding, Visu­al jun­kies, plea­se fol­low me!

Edit Suite

Spec. Edit Suite


DVS Clips­ter
PC Workstation


AVID Media Composer
Ado­be CC
Davin­ci Resol­ve 12
Final Cut Studio

Sto­rage Systems

DVS Spy­cerbox with 60 TB space
Raid­De­lu­xe Sto­rage Encl. with 168 TB space


Black­ma­gic Design Stu­dio switch
Tan­gent Devices Ele­ments Panel
Wacom Intu­os Pro Tableau
Digi Beta Player/Recorder
Blu­Ray Player

Scree­ning Solution

LG 84″ UHD Moni­tor (3D)
Sam­sung 63″ Plas­ma Monitor
LG 46″ HD Moni­tor (3D)

Audio Moni­to­ring System

KS Digi­tal com­ple­te Sys­tem 2.0
Teu­fel THX 5.1 System

Green Box

Green Box

The Green Box is part of Stu­dio 3 and can be used with its groo­ve for green screen tech­no­lo­gy, chro­ma key recor­dings and vir­tu­al stu­dio over­lays. The green box has an area of​approx. 190 squa­re meters. With its 100 squa­re meters, Stu­dio 3 offers enough space for the cor­re­spon­ding came­ra equip­ment and is also con­nec­ted to the Edit Suite.