It’s a field day for rock his­to­ri­ans! From the Kraut­rock begin­nings in the late Six­ties to the pre­sent day lite­ral­ly hundreds of recor­dings were done at the Dierks Stu­di­os – eight clas­sic albums of the Scor­pi­ons, three Accept long­play­ers, Rory Gallagher’s ”Pho­to Finish“, hit sin­gles, dance tracks and even Micha­el Jackson’s ”Ghost“ were recor­ded on the pre­mi­ses. If one lea­ves through the Discography

it beco­mes obvious that Stom­meln is a musi­cal capi­tal. In the begin­ning with bands like Ihre Kin­der, Witt­hü­ser und West­trup, Ash Ra Temp­le, Edgar Froese’s Tan­ge­ri­ne Dream …it was pret­ty ’Kraut­rock’, but soon the Dierks Stu­di­os beca­me the home of Metal and Hard Rock, and always of excel­lent state-of-the-art-recording.