Travel Information

Stom­meln is loca­ted in the midd­le bet­ween Dus­sel­dorf and Colo­gne. The air­ports and main sta­ti­ons of both cities can be easi­ly rea­ched by car or public trans­por­ta­ti­on. The access to the Auto­bahn BAB 1 and BAB 57 is only ten minu­tes away. If you have any fur­ther ques­ti­ons plea­se don’t hesi­ta­te to cont­act us. Fol­lo­wing you’ll find detail­led tra­vel infor­ma­ti­on. If you want to come to Stom­meln by car a spa­cious par­king lot is pla­ced right next to

the stu­di­os that can even hold night liners and long vehic­les. Stom­meln is a cozy litt­le vil­la­ge with pubs, super­mar­kets and ever­y­thing modern tra­vel­lers needs. The stars who came here very much app­re­cia­ted the rural calm and seclu­si­on of the place in con­junc­tion with the oppor­tu­ni­ty of having two big cities around the corner.