Studio 3

Stu­dio 3 mel­ds tra­di­ti­on and modern times, ana­log and digi­tal recor­ding tech­ni­que. Solid Sta­te-con­so­le meets D‑Command, the ’warmth’ of ana­log taping is lin­ked with digi­tal velo­ci­ty, hence you’ll have the best of both worlds. Stu­dio 3 has a 120 squa­re meter recor­ding studio,

which is sui­ta­ble for big­ger bands and can even house a who­le orches­tra. Artists can work here under real live con­di­ti­ons and thanks to the fle­xi­ble acou­stic con­di­ti­ons one can choo­se bet­ween an extre­me­ly ’live room’ and a total­ly dry sound. And then the voice from the con­trol room says: ”tape’s rollin’…«

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