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Ques­ti­on: What have the Rol­ling Stones, Micha­el Jack­son, WDR’s legen­da­ry ”Rock­pa­last“ and a Pope’s visit in Aus­tria in com­mon? Ans­wer: Con­certs and events of that calib­re were almost always recor­ded with Dierks Recor­ding Mobi­les. The rol­ling mul­ti­track stu­di­os have been all over the place in Europe

and made Die­ter Dierks a house­hold name in the the recor­ding busi­ness. An (almost) com­ple­te list of all recor­dings done by his mobi­le fleet is available as pdf-down­load. Fol­lo­wed by the most famous, hila­rious and stun­ning vide­os which were rea­li­sed on behalf of Die­ter Dierks. Have a look and enjoy