Dierks Studios

Acoustic Fever Production

Hell, yeah, that was hea­ven when Her­man Rare­bell and his fri­ends Bob­by Kim­ball (ex-Toto), John Parr, José Anto­nio Rodri­guez, Corey Whit­ehead, Micha­el Voss, Chris Has­ler, Arno Baum, Holl­gy Begg, Hed­ley Tay­lor und Clau­dia Raab came out to play their »Acou­stic Fever« set, recor­ded live at Stu­dio 3 in front of six 4K-came­ras for later release on exclu­si­ve strea­ming plat­forms, tv chan­nels and audio/film carriers.


It felt like in the olé days but is for future enter­tain­ment. The par­king lot at Dierks Stu­di­os was packed with trucks and cars, musi­ci­ans, tech­ni­ci­ans all over the place, feve­rish acti­vi­ties form dusk till dawn – and behind the con­so­le with undis­pu­ted mas­tery Die­ter Dierks. Tog­e­ther with direc­tor Ercin Filiz­li and his crew he recor­ded the »Acou­stic Fever«-set Her­man Rare­bell & Fri­ends had per­for­med on tour in Ita­ly and Ger­ma­ny. Herman’s idea to pre­sent hits of his own and his fri­ends in a cham­ber music like way tur­ned out to be a lucky move. Six Scor­pi­ons hits (»Rock You Like A Hur­ri­ca­ne«, »Black­out«, »Pas­si­on Rules The Game« and others), three signa­tu­re tunes from Toto such as »Hold The Line«, »Rosan­na« and »Afri­ca« plus the world hits »St. Elmo’s Fire«, »Naugh­ty Naugh­ty« and »At The Cathe­dral« pen­ned by John Parr make up for a song reper­toire that deser­ves to be cal­led exclu­si­ve. More so becau­se the mate­ri­al was pre­sen­ted in a way never heard befo­re. Subt­le drum­ming, acou­stic bass (thanx Arno Baum) and four acou­stic gui­tars fue­ling the well known tunes with new Fla­men­co pas­si­on. It takes a Gui­tar Gran­de like José Anto­nio Rodri­guez, proud Spa­niard, born and rai­sed in Cor­do­ba and aged 20 youn­gest Fla­men­co pro­fes­sor ever. He and his fel­low musi­ci­an Corey Whit­ehead, born in the USA, doc­to­ra­de in music, Axe­man of the Rock band Hea­ven Lies Here and also a Fla­men­co mas­ter, were not­hing but bril­li­ant to inter­pret rock songs in a unknown yet stun­ning fashion.