Dierks Studios

Première on 14.12.2020

Pre­miè­re on 14.12.2020
An extra­or­di­na­ry moment “Behind Clo­sed Doors” without audi­ence.
Bes­i­de inter­views and “making of sce­nes”, you will find the per­for­man­ces of anthems like “St Elmo´s Fire” or “Hold The Line” new arran­ged for an acoustic set up.
Strea­ming on Decem­ber 14th 2020
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JOHN PARR – Acoustic Fever
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Millsound Festival 2019

Eini­ge Impres­sio­nen die­ser gelun­ge­nen Ver­an­stal­tung auf unse­rem Park­platz und im Stu­dio 3.