Audio Division

Our audio divi­si­on con­sists of three dif­fe­rent stu­di­os, each one desi­gned for a spe­cial pur­po­se and all intert­wi­ned so you can finish here what was star­ted over the­re. Mixing, pre­pro­duc­tion, syn­chro­ni­za­ti­on, com­po­si­ti­on and con­ver­si­on – for each ope­ra­ti­on you’ll find the right set-up. We’d like to draw your atten­ti­on to Stu­dio 3 whe­re the best of both worlds go tog­e­ther well – the so lon­ged for ’warmth’ of ana­log record­ings and the modern day velo­ci­ty of digi­tal com­mand.

Recording Room

The record­ing room of Stu­dio III is a magi­cal place. It’s not its size (100 sqm, 5,50 m high), it’s – as a resul­tat of inten­se acoustic work – its sound qua­li­ty. Accord­ing to requi­re­ments the sound cha­rac­te­ris­tic can be chan­ged. Curtains will’mute’ the room and make it sound dry. Wit­hout the curtains one has more reper­cus­sion and echo. Here at Stu­dio III the Scor­pi­ons recor­ded the lion’s sha­re of their most important albums, espe­ci­al­ly Rarebell’s drum sound owes a lot to this record­ing room. Suf­fice to say that the­re is room enough for rock bands but also for small orches­tra and even audi­ence if need be.

Control Room


Technical Description Control Room


64 Chan­nel Solid Sta­te Logic 4000G

Genelec 1034 A
Yama­ha NS 10
Genelec 1031 A
Sub­woo­fer: Dyn­Au­dioAcoustics BX30

Ota­ri Mtr 90
Stu­der D827 MCH MK II

Mac Pro with Pro Tools HD 11 and HD I/O Inter­faces and Sync HD
Ana­lo­gue: 64 in 64 out
Digi­tal: 32 in
D-Com­mand Mas­ter and addi­tio­nal Fader unit
SSL Nucleus
Mac Pro with Logic 9 and Motu Inter­faces (24 I/O and Motu 2408)

Fair­child 670
ADR Com­pex F760X-RS
Urei 1176 LN
Urei LA-3A
Urei 1178
Draw­mer 1960
DBX 160A
Sony DAL 1000
Syme­trix 501
Syme­trix CL 150
Audio Design F601-RS
Audio Design D 60-RS

EMT 140 Ste­reo (Solid Sta­te)
EMT 140 Mono(Tube)
Quan­tec QRS
AMS rmx 16
AMS dmx 15–80s
Lexi­con 480 with LARC
Lexi­con 224 with LARC
Lexi­con Prime Time
Lexi­con PCM 70
tc elec­tro­nic TC 2290
Korg SDD 3000
Iba­nez AD-230
Eventi­de H 949
Eventi­de H 3000
Enso­niq DP/4+
Yama­ha SPX90 II
Yama­ha SPX 1000
Yama­ha REV 5
Roland Dimen­si­on D SDD-320
Draw­mer DS 201 Dual Gate EQUALIZER
Tube Tech ME 1 A
Tube Tech PE 1 B PREAMPS
Focus­ri­te ISA 110
Sum­mit Audio Inc. TPA 200